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Memorable Interview

What do you see in this picture?
Can you imagine what’s covered with that blue shawl?


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Listening to Romlal

“Few months back, I went to a manpower company for an interview; which is located  near Police station at Jawalakhel. I was curious to know whether I will be selected or not to go abroad for an employment. Among 300 interviewers, I was rejected and only 50 were chosen. I was staying on one of the relative’s home near Jawalakheh, when I knew about my rejection to go abroad”. Continue reading “Listening to Romlal”


Another champ!

Dear Champ,

Welcome to the family. You stepped into a new zone from mother womb to a hospital located at São Francisco Xavier. I know your transformation from zygote to a baby boy was not easy for my sister-in- law. She must had been through sleepless nights in the past 9 months. She must had been awake till late night, thinking about your future with the Continue reading “Another champ!”

Old diaries

A note to school friends

So, I entered to my designated room in my home at Chitwan which is at the maximum height of one stored house (including ground floor), after so many months. Mostly my room smelled like same as the place where people don’t stay much and some kind of unpleasant smell just made my way to nose, still then I choose not to focus on that.  Continue reading “A note to school friends”

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सिम्ले सम्झदै #1

“सर अबाले तपाईलाई यस्तै धुमाउँने बनाइदिन्छ । मैले भनेको छ । ” कक्षा शिशुमा पढने करण ब्लोनले यो धुरुर्ड देखाउँदै मलाई भन्छ । करण निकै जाग्रिलो बच्चा हो । कक्षा नियमित अाउँदैन थियो । आएको बेला सर त्यो one, त्यो two, त्यो circle, त्यो red color भन्दै बोल्न आउँथियो ।

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