Another champ!

Dear Champ,

Welcome to the family. You stepped into a new zone from mother womb to a hospital located at São Francisco Xavier. I know your transformation from zygote to a baby boy was not easy for my sister-in- law. She must had been through sleepless nights in the past 9 months. She must had been awake till late night, thinking about your future with the uneasiness and pain. In being lost with the imagination about your growth she also must had been into a goose bump situation, realizing the pain she had while delivering Ankur. Now, as you are born, her inner self must have been filled with excitement and joy. Remember that, it was not an easy journey for your father (Krishna ) and mother (Gita ) . They have struggled so that you can come this far.

Congratulations YOU made it! Thank you Seema for calling early in the morning to share this happy news. The shortest physical distance between you and us is approximately 8,224 K.M. We first saw you through the above picture. This post is to let you know that we are happy with this news and as well eager to see you here in Nepal. Though we are far from each other our blessing, wishes and prayers are always with you. Our future insecurities has created this distance which will continue as you will grow up. It’s sad and tragic but this is how life goes on. But, the fact is the bond will always remain stronger and intact no matter how far we are from each other. It might take some time  or even longer to communicate with each other but the relationship that we have will always carry a huge possibility of making impossible into reality.

You are lucky charm for me because today with your birth, unknowingly on the same day I started my website in this platform. Every time I will be logging into this space, you will always be in my memories and I will look at this picture to silently communicate it with you. I will take this day as a call for a new beginning for both of us. Keep growing! Stay healthy! Always smile! Live what you wish for! Be confident! And, at the end always walk the journey with us. Remember us! Lot of love from my side. I hope we will play football, cricket and basketball when you grow up.

To make this post rememberable, I want to share two picture– a) my first virtual interaction with Ankur–b) Your father’s Facebook status on your born day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you!


Your Uncle.



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