No Facebook challenge

Day 1 (November 23, 2017)

Life became so easy  with the accessibility of technology. The continuous distraction over social media sites,  has made me the unproductive human resource like never before. The constant battle of continuing my college assignments with those irrelevant distractions has made me to think about my own productivity. It seems like I am bombarded with lot of informations which I even can’t process properly. The access to internet in social media sites has made me too addicted to a point from, which I can’t even move from my bedroom to take my lunch or dinner. I feel so pathetic about my own condition that, slowly I begin to realize that my life is in complete darkness. Am I having a too comfortable life? Or my habit of  becoming a lazy boy is boosted by internet? Or, I don’t have enough control in my life? Whatever be the reason I feel I should challenge myself to become more and more productive in the days ahead. Therefore I have accepted the challenge to not use Facebook for a month and see how things works after that.     Screenshot 2017-11-23_22-54-40.png  ( Facebook makes sure, its users know what they are going to miss after they deactivate their account. It some hows manages to connect us emotionally through  their complicated algorithms. )

Day 2 (November 24, 2017)

21 hours ago I decided to deactivate my Facebook account. And, then after I decided to jot my thoughts on how I am feeling by my action. For the first time I didn’t used Facebook while doing my college assignment. It was difficult to balance my hand with the mind because unconsciously my minds demands Fb but my hand becomes alert for what I have committed. Today I feel so fresh mentally because I only have information that I need. Surprisingly I didn’t knew that, today the intensity of vehicles were very less due to rumors of political strike. This case pushed me to look for alternative ways of getting national and international updates and therefore listening to radios or logging into news portal will be my consistent approach. I feel little distracted today and hope this continues for other day as well.


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