Old diaries

Two side of life

It was the starting day of Kartik. My friend Abhishek got married, surprisingly. I went to his ceremony. He was in his room getting all dressed in a manner that most of Brahmin bridegroom do. From head to toe, he was covered with all Daka’s made cloth. His room was decorated with color papers. A new carpet was set for his room. A typical Nepali music was being played outside. There were relatives talking about the taste of the Nepali music and instruments in their times. All were sharing the joy and laughter with each other. There were people dancing on the beats. We all went to the bride home and participated in the whole process of marriage. In the evening time, Avishek talked with me. In his voice and eyes the responsibility was clearing reflecting. I went home after then.

Next morning, I was on my bed. Eyes were closed but I could hear the voices of my parents downstairs. My father was calling a neighbor. Her husband fainted while walking on the side of a road.  After coming to his sense, father gave him a two glass full of glucose, he vomited. After vomiting, he felt fresh as he said. Father was constantly forcing his to go to hospital. He refused. Father took him to his home. Everything was going well with him.

He was working as he used to do on the earlier days. He went to get some grasses for the cattle’s nearby his field. On the way to his home he fainted again. He was hurt on his chin. A neighbor nearby took him to the hospital this time. And, this time he wasn’t lucky, he died of a heart attack.

My mother came to my room and told me about his demise. She had worries. She breathed heavily. I was silent for a while. His home lays just the opposite of our fields. We walked till his home. I heard the screaming voice of his mother. She was complaining to God and asking her husband to be back. I saw there a 12 year old boy, Bikram. Bikram is a best friend of my brother, Rahul. His eyes were wet. He wanted to cry loud but he didn’t. His eyes were searching. His appearance looked like, as if he was waked inside by the noise of the thunder and lightning outside. He was sitting in the lap of his mother. He was not crying but he was trying to console his mother soul. He cleared the tears of his mother and said, “I am there for you. Don’t worry.”

These two days- two different events forced me to think about the philosophies of life. And, I wanted to share some of understanding that became rigid after these incidents. I had something to teach me and probably us.

We have to die once we are born. If we have to live in a society, then we have to be the part of it, on whatever it offers us. We have to share our happiness, and sometime we have to be on the tragic sides. Happiness and sadness will strike us one after other. The truth is before complaining about life to be too short, we have to live life before it’s get too late to realize that. Discipline of life is to be responsible towards your own life and towards the society we live in. If we have more time after getting along with these two, we have to serve for the nation as a responsible citizenship.

You never know your life can be swept in a flick of second. Whatever it is, happiness or sadness, arrival or departure, having someone or losing someone, smile or tears, share or alone responsibility, we have to accept it and live it. The faster we accept the changes in life the more glorious will be our way ahead. Sky is the perfect example of the theory, Change is constant. It’s these changing experiences that make us, teach us, and guide us towards the way of life. Before we die, let’s live. Accept the biggest fear of life- DEATH, and live as if it’s your last on the Earth.



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