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Story of Perseverance: Cheetul Blon!

On the day of Rishi Purnima last year, I went to my student’s place to visit their homes which lies in Paplang, Makwanpur. He has to walk for 3 hours everyday to attend the school. Most of the times he remains absent – one it’s a long walk; second, he is the elder son of his family, so he needs to work on the fields to survive. And, often times his field gets washed away by landslide. And, there were lot of stones in the field which he, with his family members, was clearing to make cultivable land when I first met him. In adding to remoteness, when they get sick either they have to go Patan or they have to go Hetuada. But, roads are not accessible in either of the places, especially in monsoon session!! So, no option- just walk! I stayed there for two day. I noticed that there are only two schools in that place- one up to Class 3; second up to Class 5. So, after Class 5 they have two options either to go Majitar or come to Simle where I teach. Further, I asked some of the local people, why they choose our place? Then, they said, they have Tamang relatives in Simle. Most of the girls from Paplang marries to the boys from Simle. Culture!

On this visit not only I got an opportunity to learn about Tamang culture but also to know their lives and their stories. I also found myself among lucky peoples who didn’t have to suffer much to attend the school.

(Posted on Facebook on October 23, 2015 via Teach For Nepal’s official page)


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